Sure-Fit Designs Pattern Fitting System

Pattern Fitting - Pants

Pants At Last! A Fast, Easy Way to Create Your Own Pattern That Fits Just You

A pair of great fitting pants is one of the biggest challenges in garment sewing.

This 3-day workshop guides you step-by-step through the Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit to help draft your own personal basic pants pattern. This unique pattern becomes your body blueprint (or sloper). Since it’s based on your own measurements, you can achieve a great fitting pair of pants! You can then use it to convert your favorite commercial patterns to your own fit, or you can even design your own pant styles!

The Sure-Fit Designs innovative pattern drafting and fitting system allows you to easily make a blueprint pattern that is uniquely yours. It includes detailed how-to’s for sewing a fitting muslin to test and fine tune a good final fit. Your new “body blueprint” sets you free to design and sew the best fitting set of pants and shorts you’ve ever had! The workshop includes tips and techniques to set you free to take control of your own individual style.

The Result? By using the versatile Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit, you will have the basic foundation for creating your pants wardrobe, from leggings to dress trousers. Your patternmaking will be easy and fun because Sure-Fit Designs takes all the technical, math-y chores out of your work and provides a simplified process plus ingenious tools to help you achieve great fitting results!

You can follow this link to for more information about the Pattern Fitting Kits, Essential Tools, and a multitude of learning resources. To understand more about how Sure-Fit Designs can benefit you, visit

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This Class Is For You If...

  • You gave up on trying to sew pants that fit comfortably
  • You dread the shopping trips because nothing ever fits.
  • Your weight and size tend to fluctuate, and you need pants that that fit you right now.
  • You want to create your own look. You have your own distinctive style, but ready-to-wear generally doesn’t suit your taste.
  • You need another set of eyes and hands to assist, even if you know some basic fitting.

Workshop Course Outline

This is a 3-day workshop, 10am-5pm each day with a 45 minute lunch at noon. During the pants fitting workshop you will:

  • Take an accurate, full set of your measurements.
  • Draw a foundation blueprint (sloper) pattern unique to you, based on your own measurements. This will be the basis for creating other pant styles.
  • Sew your new blueprint patterns into a practice “muslin” to test the fit.
  • Fine tune and personalize your fit as necessary. No more repeatedly tweaking and fussing over the same fitting techniques for every garment you make!
  • Learn about the many design changes you can make to your blueprint pattern, to create any style from comfy jammies to fitted jeans and leggings, and more!


$259 for three full days of instruction plus cost of supplies and instructional materials.

See below for details on supplies and to print a copy of the check list.

How the Schedule Works

The program includes 3 full-day classes. There are no makeups or re-teaching for missed sessions, but you are welcome to purchase private sessions if you need help catching up on your skills or project.


This workshop requires that all students have at least basic sewing skills and proficiency on a sewing machine. You don’t have to be an expert, but you also don’t want to slow down for sewing lessons!

Our criteria for basic skills for sewing and fitting pants:

  • Ability to thread and operate a sewing machine unassisted
  • Sewing straight, accurate seams
  • Sewing darts
  • Zipper application
  • Having sewn at least a few simple garments using a commercial pattern.

Please feel free to call us if you are unsure.

281-493-1941 Ask for Sherry

If you don’t know how to sew yet, no worries!

Put this class on your bucket list and check out our fast, fun Basics 1 – Sewing Essentials CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

About Your Supplies

This workshop requires the purchase of the following items specific to the class. They can be purchased when you register (online or by phone) or when you arrive for class:

Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit;

The Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus;

Tracing vellum (20yd roll)

Removable Tape

Other items to bring to class include basic sewing tools, pattern drafting supplies, test fabric (cotton/poly), and your sewing machine

A full check list of patternmaking supplies and items to bring to your class will be sent with your enrollment confirmation.

What's Next?

The versatile Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit will guide you to fitting and designing the other core items of your wardrobe - tops and blouses, tunics, jackets, skirts and dresses. You will be on your way to flattering, great fitting clothes in all your favorite styles!

Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit for men and women will take your tailoring skills to the next level! The fuller, more relaxed cut of the classic tailored shirt is also the basis for jackets and coats, from hoodies to trench coats!

Note: Specific course details will be available here soon! But The Shirt Kit class is now on the calendar and open for enrollment. You can call the studio at 281-493-1941 or text to 713-504-3989 for further details.

A Special Note

Your instructor, Sherry Reese, owner of Thimble Fingers Sewing Studio Inc., is a fully trained, certified Sure-Fit Designs™ teacher. Sherry Reese has the legal right to re-sell any and all of the Sure-Fit Designs™ products as well as accrue benefits through affiliate sales.

We are extremely honored and proud that Sherry has been certified and authorized to teach hands-on pattern fitting and design classes using the Sure-Fit Designs system of pattern fitting and designing..