Sewing Basics


Sewing Basics 1 - Essentials

In a set of 6 classes, learn to use a sewing machine and sew a project together using a commercial pattern. Sewing Essentials is a self-paced course; you can start your classes any time, choose your project, and attend class sessions on your own schedule.

Your first class includes an introduction to the sewing machine as well as a full orientation on supplies and pattern selection. You will have some freedom to choose the type of simple sewing project you want to do -- clothing, quilting, crafts, etc. Your remaining classes will cover sewing machine operation and completing your pattern project, using best practices for construction and finishing techniques.


Sewing Basics 2 - Supervised Sewing

The Supervised Sewing classes move you beyond the essentials to develop a set of common techniques used in most sewing projects. These sessions are flexible and open-ended, so you can return to your sewing classes for as long as you wish to have a teacher helping you. Choose your projects based on the skills you want to learn.

The flexibility of these classes is designed to be open-ended, so that you can continue returning to sewing class for as long as you wish to have a teacher helping you. Sign up for sets of 1, 3, 6 or 12 classes, depending on the size of your chosen project or the specific set of skills you are working on. Work on your own with your newly acquired skills from the Sewing Essentials class, then schedule your Supervised Sewing sessions as needed for help with the new, more challenging techniques.

Sewing Basics 1 is a prerequisite to this class.


Who's Eligible

Adults age 18+

How the Schedule Works

The Sewing Basics courses are self-paced, so you may begin your classes at any time and attend any combination of classes on the calendar that have openings. Our online scheduling platform MindBody allows you to arrange any set of class times to fit your own schedule. You have 6 months to attend your classes before they expire.

Things to keep in mind about scheduling your classes

Your class expires 6 months after you attend your first class. Don't lose the value of your sewing course by putting off your classes! Try to schedule as early and close together as you can.

Empty classes are subject to cancellation within 24 hours of their start time, so it's advisable to reserve your class as much in advance as possible.

Please be sure to read our class policies before committing to a class time.