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For 15 years we’ve had the privilege to offer our sewing classes to children and adults of all ages, sharing our expertise and creative skills with the community. We’re known for providing individual attention to all our students in a lighthearted and fun environment. In our self-paced, flexible program students have fun while learning fundamental and advanced skills at their own comfort level. We serve aspiring fashion designers, sewing enthusiasts, as well as beginning quilters. Young adults can add the sewing arts to their lifestyle to take control of their personal style; parents can sign their little ones up for a fun after-school class; and elders can use sewing to tap into their creativity and share their work with loved ones, because our driving passion is to make sewing an accessible life skill to every person who enters our world!


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Studio Open for Classes

Most of our classes are now open. To protect the health and safety of our customers and students, we are following and encouraging the CDC guidelines for social distancing, sanitizing, wearing masks and limited occupancy, click here.

Kids' After School Classes

  • Kids' After School Classes begin the week of Sept 13, and continue through the week of Nov 30. Please check here for updates.

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We're moving!

Our online services are moving, that is. As of the first week of October, we are migrating our registration and scheduling files to a new software platform - We're excited to be offering a smoother, more user-friendly environment for managing our student accounts and schedules. Details are on the way ASAP!!

But if you can't wait, call us! 281-493-1941

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